Team Maskots!™ Reward Program Terms & Conditions

By signing up to the Team Maskots!™ Reward Program you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Links & Promotion
Upon joining Team Maskots!™ Reward Program you will be supplied a unique Reward URL or discount code to share.

That URL contains a unique ID that is used to track your sales and calculate your reward fee. To be eligible to earn a reward fee, the user must complete a purchase on the mymaskots.com website within 30 days of the initial URL click-through or discount code entry.

Team Maskots!™ Dashboard
Your reward summary details are available via the Partner Portal. You can track the number of clicks on your unique URL, discount code, number of sales, and earned reward fees.

Reward Fee
You'll earn 40% of the total order amount (minus any tax and shipping fees) from any order originating from a click-through of your unique URL.

You'll earn 30% of the total order amount (minus any tax and shipping fees) from any order originating from any discount code entry.

Click-throughs are valid for 30 days. If the user fails to make a purchase within this period, but returns later WITHOUT following your unique URL or discount code entry, you will not earn a reward fee.

Reward fees are paid and calculated in USD and sent via Venmo or Cash App within 7 days of verified transactions. There is no payout minimum. You must have a valid Paypal, Venmo or Cash App account to receive reward fees.

This agreement will begin upon your acceptance of Terms and conditions of the Team Maskots!™ Reward Program and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time. To terminate please contact: team@mymaskots.com

Any violation of these terms may result in, termination or suspension from our Affiliate program and loss of any outstanding payments earned during the violation.

Important Notes
We reserve the right to update and change the terms without notice. Any modifications to these terms are available any time at: https://mymaskots.com/pages/rewards-program-terms if you continue to use the Team Maskots!™ Reward Program you are agreeing to any amendments made to the terms.

We reserve the right to change the affiliate fee structure at our discretion or disqualify affiliate fees earned through fraudulent, illegal, or questionable sales or marketing methods. Rewards Program content may be used for promotional purposes.

All fees are exclusive of all taxes, charges, levies, assessments and other fees of any kind imposed by your involvement in this agreement and shall be the responsibility of, and payable by you.